Siren’s Frustration

Hello Dear Reader, this is a story of the high seas. The sirens have been known to kill many sailors with their alluring songs. To the frustration of the sirens, one group of pirates have found a solution.

— —

“Look there, sisters,” Calliope, the oldest siren sister, said, pointing to a distant dot on the horizon. “It appears to be a ship!”

“Wonderful! It has been so long since we have had fresh sailors.” Sterope, the second siren sister, said with excitement.

“Come sisters, let us prepare!” Melpomene, the third siren sister, said with a touch of blood lust in her voice.

The three settled themselves on the rocks that ran along the shallows of their island. They arranged their hair and giggled with the excitement of having fresh kill. The three naked sisters sat and waited as the ship got closer.

It had been some years since anyone had traveled through the waters near the siren’s island. The sailors began to become wise as more and more ships were lost in the area. The sisters knew they had killed too many, but the blood lust was too much for them to pass up a kill.

The ship was close enough that the sisters could see the sailors on the deck. They began their song. The sailors heard the song and began to move to the edge of the ship to watch. The sirens’ excitement escalated as they sang the song of death.

To the sisters’ dismay, the sailors stood and watched them sing, but none moved to steer the ship closer to the rocks. None even showed any sign of wanting to jump overboard.

“Sing louder, sisters.” Calliope urged the other two.

They sang louder, which brought more sailors to the edge of the ship. They all seemed to enjoy the song but didn’t appear to have the lust to jump into the water.

“Why isn’t it working?” Melpomene asked, frustrated that she hadn’t made a kill yet.

“I don’t know!” Sterope growled.

Now the ship was as close as a sane captain would take it near the rocks. The sailors waved and yelled for the sirens to sing. The sirens hadn’t had sailors encourage them to sing and not jump overboard or ram their ship into the rocks.

Calliope, the oldest, swam out to the ship. “Where is your captain?” She yelled up at the sailors.

A man nicely dressed approached the edge and looked down. He had a wide brim hat and appeared to be the captain.

“What manner of sorcery keeps you from our song’s spell?” Demanded the now angry siren.

The captain pointed up at the mast. The siren looked up but saw nothing out of the ordinary. On the mast was a pirate flag.

“So, you are pirates. You fly the Jolly Rodgers.” Calliope yelled up at the captain.

“Oh honey, we put the Jolly in the Rodger!” The captain yelled down, blowing her a kiss.

— —

Well, Dear Reader, I hope the pirates don’t run into mermen.



I'm a storyteller of fantastic yarns, paranormal tales, and humorous high fantasy. You can find everywhere I post here:

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Jason Delph

I'm a storyteller of fantastic yarns, paranormal tales, and humorous high fantasy. You can find everywhere I post here: